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Kiva: The ‘Play-Based’ Preschool Bringing Finnish Education to Egypt

Following the Finnish education model, this is the preschool as we've never seen it before.

kiva international preschool

Having a child is both exciting and stressful. From the moment they come into existence, we start worrying and planning their lives ahead. From deciding which nappies to use, to this baby formula or that baby formula, one of the most important decisions we make for our little ones is their preschool, which is where they take their first steps into becoming fully-integrated members of society and learn how to interact and socialise with others. 

One country which has mastered the art of education for the young is Finland, which consistently ranks as the world's number one country for education quality. Their education model discards standardisation and takes into consideration individual competencies and interests, hence giving children and adults alike the full opportunity to excel and be creative in their own unique ways. In Egypt, there exists one preschool that's implementing the one-of-a-kind Finnish model; Kiva International Preschool - the first of it's kind in Egypt.

In addition to implementing the Finnish framework for Early Childhood Development and Care, Kiva is seeking to revolutionise early education in Egypt by introducing a child-led, play-based approach to nurturing the young, proven to maximise children's capacity for learning and retaining information.

The preschool's mantra is Play is the Work of Childhood, which feeds directly into its philosophy. They promote free-play, allowing children to expand their imagination and bring out their full potential. Each child learns based on their own interaction with other people and their surroundings, making the children an active part of their own learning, thereby giving them a chance to organically develop their own mind and soul.

KIVA’s development model integrates the environment in which the child grows to become one of the learning elements, with special focus on tending to their emotional and social competencies. Their curriculum includes mindfulness, art appreciation and music appreciation.

The pre-school’s campus is also one of it’s kind in Egypt; equipped with a large, all-natural, outdoors area for children to play; backyards as an extension to classrooms; a gym/dance studio including a ‘baby’ gym supplied with infant training stairs; and an atelier to experience art and music.

To build the mind, body, and soul, they also serve healthy food following the latest guidelines in child nutrition management, with each meal containing veggies, fruits, and essential vitamins. Their food doesn't include any sugar (only honey), and their policy entails that the food must be tested by a staff member before its served to the students to ensure its quality. Kiva also have an in-house psychology centre to allow children a happy and stress-free preschool experience by attending to their individual needs. 

All in all, Kiva doesn't just offer a space to drop your kids off on your way to work, but rather an all-encompassing community specifically designed to cater to your child's every need and truly digs into their hidden talents. 

Check out Kiva International Preschool on Facebook

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