Tuesday March 5th, 2024
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‘Anf Wa Thalath Oyoun’ Trailer Released Ahead of January 31st Opening

Amir Ramses’ contemporary rendition of the 1972 classic tells the story of a man caught between his search for a partner, and his existing internal issues.

Patrick Davies

‘Anf Wa Thalath Oyoun’ Trailer Released Ahead of January 31st Opening

The trailer for Amir Ramses’ latest film ‘Anf Wa Thalath Oyoun,’ starring Dhaffer L’Abdine and Salma Abudeif, was recently released ahead of its arrival in cinemas on January 31st. The production, which premiered in late 2023 at the Red Sea Film Festival, is a contemporary rendition of legendary writer Ihsan Abdel Quddous' 1970 novel of the same name, which was previously converted to a screenplay directed by Hussein Kamal in 1972.

The film centres around Dhaffer L’Abdine’s character Dr. Hashem, a renowned plastic surgeon in his mid-40s who remains a bachelor despite two previous long-term relationships. But when he meets Ruba (Salma Abudeif), a charming woman 25 years his junior, he finds himself unable to resist her allure despite the age gap. 

“It’s great to be back working with Dhaffer again,” Salma Abudeif tells CairoScene, reminiscing on their time on set for Halawet El Donia in 2017. “He’s such a real, genuine human being.” When asked if there were any similarities between her and her character Ruba, Abudeif reveals, “I guess both of us are a little impulsive and spontaneous.”

This year’s film seeks to put a modern spin on an old story originally penned by writer Ihsan Abdel Quddous. “The main difference between the 1972 film and this adaptation is the added complexity of relationships in today’s day and age,” Dhaffer L'Abidine says. Abdel Quddous has written over 600 short stories and novels, with nearly 50 productions based on his work throughout the golden age of Egyptian cinema.

“I know the original story very well,” Shahinaz Elakkad, the film’s producer, tells CairoScene, “so I was determined to tell every aspect of it correctly.” Elakkad is the founder of Lagoonie Film Productions, well known for its support of trailblazing regional films including Cannes prize winner ‘Feathers’ by Omar El-Zohairy.

The modern rendition of ‘Anf Wa Thalath Oyoun’ is directed by Amir Ramses, whose 2020 film ‘Curfew’ was nominated for Best Film at Cairo International Film Festival. The cast of Amir Ramses’ latest film includes Saba Mubarak, who portrays Dr. Hashem’s therapist, as well as Sedky Sakhr, Gihan El-Shamashergy, Salwa Mohamed Ali, Nabil Maher, and fresh new talent Selim Mostafa, as well as a guest appearance from Amina Khalil.


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