Sunday March 3rd, 2024
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Art D'Egypte Returns to Great Pyramids of Giza With Forever is Now II

‘Forever is Now II’ will gather 11 international artists including the likes of JR, Jwan Yosef, Natalie Clark, eL Seed and Ahmed Karaly at the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Cairo Scene

It’s been an epic five-year journey that has traversed the soaring halls of the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, the gilded rooms of the Manial Palace and the wondrous walkways of El Muez culminating last year in the ‘Forever is Now’ exhibit - the first time in history that an exhibition of that nature had taken place at the Pyramids. With ten installations by some of the art world’s most renowned contemporary artists including the likes of French artist JR and British duo Shuster and Moseley, the event serves to capture the world’s imagination, garnering an incredible 2 billion views on social media internationally, endless reams of coverage in global publications and shedding a powerful spotlight on Egypt.

One would think that Art D'Egypte’s work was done. But the thing about founder Nadine Abdel Ghaffar, is that there’s always something bigger brewing in her imagination.

And so it is that between October 27th and November 30th, this extraordinary art experience will return to the Pyramids this year, promising to be more extraordinary than ever. ‘Forever is Now II’ will gather 11 international artists including the likes of JR, Jwan Yosef, Natalie Clark, eL Seed and Ahmed Karaly to depict timeliness and their feelings of sustainability in an era of environmental crisis through a diverse range of materials from fibreglass and steel to stone and marble locally sourced in Egypt.

The first edition of ‘Forever is Now’ not only demonstrated the transformative ability of historic sites on its visitors but also the transformative effect of art on these enduring historic sites, allowing us to view our past and therefore ourselves from a new perspective. The second edition will carry on with an exhibit made by and open to people from all walks of life. “Our global success last year motivated us to develop new plans that will amaze the world once more,” El Ghaffar tells CairoScene. “We have worked hard over the years to establish Art D'Égypte as one of the region’s premier art consultancies and we are proud to bring you this latest endeavour.”

As per annual tradition CairoScene is the official media partner of this incredible  event giving you exclusive access to the making, magic and magnificent of ‘Forever is Now II’.


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