Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Iconic Coffee Table Book Publishers Assouline Releases 'AlUla Flora'

Highlighting over 80 plant species that flourish in AlUla’s diverse landscapes, Assouline’s ‘AlUla Flora’ is the the latest addition to Assouline's Classics Collection.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Iconic Coffee Table Book Publishers Assouline Releases 'AlUla Flora'

Doing more than just ‘sitting still and looking pretty’ on a coffee table, premier luxury publishing house Assouline’s latest release, ‘AlUla Flora’, traces the roots of the ancient Saudi Arabian oasis city’s diverse flora. Highlighting over 80 plant species that have been flourishing for centuries in AlUla’s diverse landscape, ‘AlUla Flora’ is essentially a condensed masterclass in Saudi Arabian floriculture and an in-depth visual exploration of its often underlooked botanical treasures.

Featuring in-depth insights from Saudi-Arabian researcher Abdulaziz Assaeed, Professor of Rangeland Ecology at King Saud University, the new book acts as a “visual narrative of our broader aspirations to protect and showcase the verdant life in AlUla,” as Phillip Jones, Chief Tourism Officer at the Royal Commission for AlUla, explains to SceneNowSaudi.

With artwork from acclaimed botanical artists Carolyn Jenkins, Lil Sire, Raxenne, Moira Frith, and Mary Woodin, ‘AlUla Flora’ visually depicts species such as the Hispid Viper, the Spiny Milkvetch and the culturally significant jujube tree. The book however extends beyond providing just visuals, delving into how these species had once been utilised in traditional crafts over the years throughout the region.

'AlUla Flora' opens a window to the city’s fascinating botanical world, which we have been carefully and intentionally nurturing to rebuild and reinforce the ecological richness and vibrancy of the region,” Jones adds.

‘AlUla Flora’ is available for purchase on Assouline’s website.


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