Saturday 1 of October, 2022
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Kerning Cultures’ New Episode Tackles Egypt’s #MeToo Movement

An outpour first spurred by one woman coming out against her harasser led to Egypt’s own #MeToo movement.

Farah Ibrahim

In the summer of 2020, a 22-year-old Egyptian woman decided to out her harasser online, Ahmed Bassam Zaki. She picked up her phone and posted about it on social media. The post traveled far and wide, exposing a serial sexual predator whose damage impacted other women far beyond her own circle. As a reaction, Instagram page Assault Police was created overnight, creating a catalyst for dozens of women to come forth and expose their harassers, pushing forward Egypt’s own #MeToo movement. Since, an outpour of women have come forward about their stories, and have succeeded in putting a few of their harassers behind bars. But in order for good work to keep going, the importance of it needs to be addressed in our daily lives. Conversations need to be had. Tackling the entire movement head on, a two-part episode in Kerning Culture’s third season is titled ‘The Rise and Fall of #MeToo in Egypt’.

A female-led podcast network,  Kerning Cultures features a line up of award-winning immersive Arabic and English podcasts for curious listeners. The episode, unlike most, is a miniseries whose first part was released on March 24th, with the second part coming out on March 31st. In this episode, Kerning Cultures discusses the  journeys of women who have given rise to the #MeToo movement in Egypt and what kind of emotional strength goes into that. And why, unfortunately, just as we’ve taken some steps forward, we’ve also taken some backwards.

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