Monday May 20th, 2024
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Our Favourite On-Screen Mothers-in-Law This Ramadan

From Fawzya in ‘Kamel Al Adad 2’ to Doria in ‘Asghal Shaqa’, these mothers-in-law have shaped our Ramadan season…

Riham Issa

Our Favourite On-Screen Mothers-in-Law This Ramadan

In the realm of family drama, where chaos reigns supreme, mothers-in-law have long been the most unruly stars of the show, whether through their mischievous plots to torment their daughters-in-law or relentless efforts to control their sons’ households. Throughout history, these relationships have always simmered with tension and anxiety.

This Ramadan, filmmakers have beautifully captured the essence of this complex mother-in-law dynamic in multiple series, from Fawzya’s comically mischievous attempts to tease her foreign daughter-in-law in ‘Kamel Al Adad 2’ to Doria’s overbearingly meddling antics in her son’s marriage in ‘Ashgal Shaqa’. We’ve compiled a list of the most absurdly lighthearted (as well as heartwarming) mother-in-law scenes from this year’s Ramadan series…

DORIA | Ashghal Shaqa

Portrayed by Egyptian actress Shereen, Doria appears as an intrusive mother-in-law who doesn’t seem to have any boundaries when it comes to her son’s life - and a lot of wishful thinking.

FAWZYA | Kamel El Adad +1

Fawzya is played by renowned Egyptian actress Mimi Gamal, who has been throwing shade and rude comments like nails at Badra since episode one (dramatic sobs included).

OM FATHY | A’la Nesbet Moshahda

The 15-episode series stars Ena’m Salosa as Om Fathy, who never fails to push the buttons of her daughter-in-law Hamdeya through her bitter words one way or another.

SAWSAN | Asghal Shaqa

Played by Egyptian actress Salwa Mohamed Ali, Sawsan is a bougie mother-in-law who is simply too good to change her grandson’s diapers.

MOKHTAR’S MOTHER-IN-LAW | Embratoryet Meem

Laila Ezz Al-Arab appears in Embratoryet Meem as Mokhtar Abou Al Magd’s mother-in-law. For her, Mokhtar is constantly treated as an utter disappointment, a failure and perhaps the reason for her daughter’s death.

OM HOSSAM | Selat Rahem 

Loving, caring and kind-hearted. Hossam’s mother, portrayed by Salwa Mohammed Ali, is the epitome of a good mother-in-law and more.


True to her eccentric moniker, Sotret Al A’tra, played by Farida Seif Al Nassr, is serving some assertive alpha vibes as a ma’lema and a mother-in-law in ‘Al Atawla’.

SAFAA | Al Madah 4

Depicted by Hanan Seliman, Safaa - Saber Al Madah’s mother - appears as a caring secondary motherly figure for her daughter-in-law, Rehab. (We can imagine she gives the sweetest hugs).


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