Monday June 24th, 2024
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'The Goat' Co-Starring Amr Saad & John Savage Will Premiere at GFF

The highly-anticipated film features an international cast of stars including Mira Sorvino, Sayed Ragab and Arfah Abdulrasool.

Fadila Khalid

'The Goat' Co-Starring Amr Saad & John Savage Will Premiere at GFF

‘The Goat,’ a highly-anticipated film written and directed by award-winning Italian filmmaker, Ilaria Borrelli, is set to premiere at the sixth edition of El Gouna Film Festival. The movie has secured a spot in the Official Selection - Out of Competition section of the festival, which will take place from October 13th to the 20th, 2023.

‘The Goat’ tells the story of Hadiya, a young girl targeted by a Western corporation's relentless greed as they seek control over her village's sole water source. With her loyal goat by her side, Hadiya embarks on a perilous journey through the desert in search of her missing father.

Featuring a talented international cast including John Savage, Mira Sorvino, Amr Saad, Sayed Ragab, Jessica Hossam, Maya Talem, and Arfah Abdulrasool, ‘The Goat’ is a co-production between Agora Media Production, Domedo Productions, Orange Media, OSCAR Generale P.G.A, Cedars Art Production (Sabbah Brothers), Pantheon Entertainment and supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture.

With his previous film ‘A Girl from the Brothel’ having received international acclaim, Borrelli’s ‘The Goat’ promises a gripping cinematic experience that explores themes of greed, resilience, and the human spirit.


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