Monday February 26th, 2024
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E-commerce App Botit Brings Instant Delivery to Egypt’s North Coast

Considered an industry-first, the move looks to fill a gap in the market at Egypt’s premiere summer destination.

Lana Mawlood

Catering to a gap in the market at one of Egypt’s most popular summer holiday spots, Cairo-based e-commerce platform Botit is bringing an extensive roster of international and local brands to homes along the North Coast, with next-day delivery on orders before 2 PM and instant delivery on food.

While it is considered a premium destination for high-end resorts and developments, with highly-acclaimed retailers and F&B industry leaders having established themselves along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea over the past decade, the North Coast offers little in the way of home deliveries. Most e-commerce platforms take days to deliver items to homes in the area, assuming they deliver to the North Coast at all. In this sense, Botit has become the first to introduce instant e-commerce to the North Coast with a comprehensive range of products and food vendors.

“Our expansion onto the North Coast represents an industry-first that we’re really excited about,” Adam Mowafi, Botit CEO and Co-Founder, tells StartupScene. “Any of our 400 brands that are available for same-day delivery in Cairo will now also be deliverable on next-day delivery to North Coast compounds.”

Developed by MO4 Innovations - part of the MO4 Network the media company that owns StartupScene - the Botit app was launched earlier this year, rapidly establishing itself as a sharp-toothed player in the e-commerce sector with tens of thousands of app downloads on iOS devices in its first few months. With an in-house tech team, Botit harnesses AI-powered technology to take the shopping experience to the next level: users type up a shopping list, and are instantly met with an array of suggestions on a single screen, becoming increasingly tailored over time. Representing hundreds of local and international brands, Botit’s selection of products span 14 categories, including sports, homeware, kitchenware, electronics, fashion and beauty.

“We are also offering an instant and same-day service on some of the North Coast’s most well-loved restaurants and fashion vendors,” Mowafi shares. Food delivery on the North Coast is currently limited to supermarket items and holiday basics. Through the Botit app, however, holiday goers will have easy access to the area’s most popular culinary names including 30 North, Spin Off, Easys, Luuma, Speecos, Panzini, La Citta, Nabat, Baladi Awi and Mori Sushi – with many more to join the gastronomical roster soon.

Another notable area of impact that Botit has created is the online support for local entrepreneurship and retail talent. “Alongside our vast array of international brands, we’re leading the way in facilitating delivery of local brands,” Mowafi adds. “Botit is the first of its kind to provide consistent and reliable access to local retail talent, where previously local brands could only mainly interact with customers at sporadic pop-ups and bazaars.”

Botit has also built a direct pipeline to vendors via ‘Vendor Bot’, a system they engineered to allow any vendor to become an instant commerce player. “Combined with our fast-growing virtual delivery fleet, we’re able to offer a rapid delivery to our customers without incurring the high costs that delivery apps often do,” explains Mowafi.

With its focus on addressing the needs of consumers and entrepreneurs alike, Botit is positioning itself as more than just an enabler in Egypt’s ecosystem - it may be the tech-driven solution transforming how e-commerce is experienced throughout the nation.


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