Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Egypt-Based R&D Firm Progressio Solutions to Transform AI in MENA

Progressio Solutions signed a strategic partnership with Dutch AI firm Real AI B.V. at the Invest EU Egypt Conference.

John Bichara

Egypt-Based R&D Firm Progressio Solutions to Transform AI in MENA

Progressio Solutions, an advanced R&D and consulting tech firm in Cairo, Egypt, and Real AI B.V., a leading AI firm from the Netherlands, have formed a strategic partnership aimed at expanding Progressio's R&D footprint in the European market, as well as transforming artificial intelligence in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The announcement was made during the Invest EU Egypt Conference, inaugurated by the European Commission's President Ursula von der Leyen and Egypt's President El-Sisi.

"Real AI B.V. and Progressio Solutions have joined forces to create an AI powerhouse that will not only advance the Egyptian AI ecosystem, but also serve the broader MENA market with unprecedented capabilities," Tarry Singh, CEO of Real AI B.V., tells StartupScene.

Yoeil Ahraf, CEO of Progressio Solutions, adds that, “By leveraging our joint strengths, we are poised to deliver groundbreaking R&D in AR/VR, Robotics, Embedded systems, Software development, and especially in the rapidly evolving field of Generative AI.”

This joint venture will merge Real AI's advanced AI Expertise and European reach, with Progressio’s wide scale R&D Capabilities and regional presence, accelerating AI innovation and adoption in key markets such as Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the rest of the GCC area. The collaboration will focus on providing secure, private, and localised Generative AI solutions for institutional and commercial clients in the MENA region. Real AI's recent development of Europe's premier open-source, human-centric large language model (LLM) will be tailored to meet the specific needs and regulatory requirements of the region.

Key initiatives include spearheading the establishment of a centre of excellence for AI research and development in Cairo, developing custom AI solutions for industries like energy, education, health care and government sectors, and launching AI-powered products designed for the MENA market with a focus on Arabic language processing and cultural adaptation.

"This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the MENA region's AI journey. By combining Progressio's advanced R&D labs and technologies with Real AI B.V.'s advanced AI platforms, we're set to unlock unprecedented value for our clients and partners across various sectors,” Yoeil Ashraf, CEO of Progressio Solutions, says. “This partnership will expand the AI R&D capacity in Egypt, driven by Egyptians, enhancing our outbound services beyond the middle east and further into the European market."

This alliance aims to double AI-related revenues in the MENA region within 3 years, creating 500 highly skilled professionals, alongside robust AI implementation capabilities to be outbound to the European market. The alliance will also provide comprehensive AI consulting and implementation services to businesses and organisations across the region.


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