Monday March 4th, 2024
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Ahlan Ramadan Exhibitions Will Fill Your Sofra on a Budget

The Ahlan Ramadan exhibitions will take place throughout the holy month and will feature discounted everyday food and goods.

Cairo Scene

Ahlan Ramadan Exhibitions Will Fill Your Sofra on a Budget

In celebration of the holy month of Ramadan, and in an effort to boost economic growth, the Egyptian government has announced its plans to launch month-long Ahlan Ramadan exhibitions across all governorates, centered around food and goods.  

Each governorate in the country will organize a primary exhibition along with a minimum of three additional events, according to the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade. The exhibitions are set to offer basic daily commodities at discounted rates all around the nation with major retail chains slated to take part by establishing pavilions showcasing the Ahlan Ramadan logo. 

The Holding Company for Food Industries will distribute coupons among vulnerable families throughout Egypt, allowing them to purchase necessary food items from consumer complexes. Additionally, the exhibitions will require the presentation of the final sale prices of products and goods to consumers in Arabic, inclusive of taxes and financial charges.

The government's objective with these exhibitions is to enhance the supply and accessibility of food products and goods.


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