Thursday June 13th, 2024
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Al-Azhar Launches Bayan Unit to Combat Religious Misconceptions Online

With misconceptions and extremist ideologies spreading online, Al-Azhar aims to provide an online platform to reach the youth.

Ibrahim Wael

Al-Azhar Launches Bayan Unit to Combat Religious Misconceptions Online

The Al-Azhar Global Center for Electronic Fatwa has launched an independent page for its Bayan Unit, which is dedicated to combating religious misconceptions online.

Established in December 2018 under the guidance of Grand Imam Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, the unit aims to address misconceptions about Islam, promote knowledge-based awareness to prevent extremist ideologies, and create safe spaces for youth dialogue.

The Bayan Unit is made up of experts from Al-Azhar University and other Egyptian universities specializing in various fields, including Islamic theology, philosophy, psychology, and sociology. They actively monitor and analyze content related to Islam on social media and other platforms, offering specialized responses and educational programs across Egypt.

The unit engages with youth seeking truth by providing both in-person and online consultations at the Al-Azhar center and other program locations nationwide. Through its efforts, including workshops, publications, and digital campaigns, the unit addresses religious doubts and misconceptions, aiming to protect and educate young people.


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