Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Al Fustat Park to Undergo State of the Art Renovation

Al Fustat Park will gain a residential area for hotels as a part of a major renovation.

Cairo Scene

The Urban Development Fund (UDF) has announced that Al Fustat Park will undergo a major state-of-the-art renovation, as part of UDF’s larger project to develop Old Cairo’s Al Fustat area.

The project is made up of six areas, such as an area for commercial and cultural ventures, a Kasabah area, and a residential area for hotels. The UDF has clarified that the residential area will only include a few new buildings, in order to preserve the flourishing greenery of the park.

There will also be a new entertainment area, which will take the place of the current Amr Ibn Al-As outdoor arena.

The estimated cost of the project is around EGP 9 billion. The first phase of the project, which consists of the cultural area and the entertainment area, is scheduled for completion in June.


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