Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Amira Adeeb Collabs With 2ool 2ameme on New Game 'Ma Wara2 El 3ady'

2ool Ameme collaborated with Shop Amira Adeeb to produce Egypt’s newest concept game-book.

Fadila Khalid

Architect, social media queen, general unicorn-in-human-form, and co-founder of 2ool Ameme, Sarah Aboulkhair, has been hinting at the release of a new product for the past week. But, for once, she wasn’t the only one. Joining in on the teasing was content creator, actress, and generally multi-faceted rising star Amira Adeeb. As the two engaged in a battle of wits through their Instagram stories, both of the womens’ audiences were throwing out guesses for what the two could be doing all over the internet. We’re here to tell you, with an exclusive CairoScene image and all, that the wait is over.

Determined to beat their own record of shelving in the 120+  stores you can find them at, 2ool Ameme collaborated with Shop Amira Adeeb to produce Egypt’s newest concept game-book. The interactive book, ‘Ma Wara2 El 3ady’, is made up of 50 unique experiences, designed in a way that pushes you outside your comfort zone - solo or with friends. The purpose of this collaboration is to invite people to reflect on their inner feelings and their relationships with their friends and family, connect with strangers and look back at their lives so far.

Each page has a scratch-able surface - a ‘Tea-ta’ - through which you can uncover the adventure you’re destined to have that day. If you’re an introvert, you might scratch a task that says ‘go to a party alone’, or maybe if you’re an extrovert, you’ll scratch a challenge like ‘go out on a date by yourself’ - both scary endeavors that teach valuable lessons, while encouraging you to have fun. Each page also has icons to guide you (including estimated cost), whether it can be done outdoors or indoors, and if you need any tools.

This collaboration includes a partnership with Instax - obviously Amira Adeeb’s idea - so you can document your (mis)adventures in polaroids, preserving your memories for all eternity. Better yet, beneath each scratch-able task on a page is an empty slot the size of a regular polaroid, so by the time you’re through all 50 experiences, you’ll have a scrapbook to prove all you’ve gone through and experienced.


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