Thursday July 25th, 2024
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An AI Will See Whose Fault Your Road Damage is on Dubai’s Streets

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority is implementing a pilot program for AI-based automated detection of right-of-way damage.

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An AI Will See Whose Fault Your Road Damage is on Dubai’s Streets

In an effort to improve road quality and enhance traffic safety across Dubai, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will use artificial intelligence (AI) for automated detection of right-of-way damage on city roads.

The pilot program involves a specially equipped vehicle designed for AI-assisted automated detection of road damage and inspection of traffic diversions. This smart vehicle is equipped with high-precision tools, including cameras, sensors and technical devices for collecting data and identifying damage with high accuracy, exceeding 85% success rate compared to traditional methods. The AI system automates the entire process, generating reports and uploading them automatically.

Beyond efficiency, the initiative is expected to foster economic and population growth in Dubai by ensuring well-maintained infrastructure. The AI system verifies that traffic diversions adhere to approved specifications, promoting smooth and safe traffic flow for motorists.

The smart vehicle offers 30% more comprehensive site coverage compared to traditional methods, and significantly reduces inspection time by at least 70%. This translates to faster response times and a more streamlined approach to road maintenance. 


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