Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Aramco & Pasqal to Build First Quantum Computer in Saudi Arabia

The two world-class companies will work together to install the quantum computer in late 2025.

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Aramco & Pasqal to Build First Quantum Computer in Saudi Arabia

Saudi energy leader Aramco has joined forces with Pasqal, a startup specialising in neutral atom quantum computing based in France, to install the first quantum computer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Pasqal will install, maintain and operate a 200-qubit quantum computer in the second half of 2025.

Launched in 2019, Pascal has directed its efforts towards concrete computing algorithms immediately applicable to customer use cases. Through working with Aramco, they hope to place themselves at the forefront of accelerating commercial adoption of quantum technology in the Kingdom.

Promised to be the most powerful tool deployed for industrial usage, and unlocking a new era of business and innovation, the quantum computer will initially use an approach called ‘analog mode’. Within the year after installation, the system will be upgraded to a more advanced hybrid ‘analog-digital mode’, which will be able to solve more complex problems.

Pascal and Aramco have plans to leverage the success of the quantum computer to establish a powerhouse for quantum research in Saudi Arabia, involving leading academic institutions.


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