Friday June 2nd, 2023
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Egyptian Sensation Tamer Ashour Will Perform Live in Saudi Arabia

The Singer who mended many hearts (or broke them further) will be visiting Jeddah to perform an outstanding night of melodies.

Cairo Scene

Egyptian superstar Tamer Ashour will perform in Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah on Friday, May 5th.

Known for his romantic ballads that have mended (or broken) many a heart across the region, Ashour’s most popular releases include tracks like ‘Ayam’, ‘Oloolo Samah’, and his latest single, ‘Bahebak W Khayef’. The singer’s latest album, ‘Tegy Ntrahn’, was released in 2022, and has garnered millions of hits across online platforms.

The show will take place at Jeddah’s Benchmark stage from 9 PM to 1 AM. You can buy your tickets for SAR 700 by visiting Enjoy Saudi’s official website.


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