Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Giza Pyramids Welcomed 28,500 Visitors During Eid Al Adha

The Egyptian Museum also received around 10,000 visitors during the three-day period.

Cairo Scene

Giza Pyramids Welcomed 28,500 Visitors During Eid Al Adha

The Central Administration of Antiquities of Cairo and Giza reported a significant increase in visitors to Egypt's archaeological sites and museums during the three-day period of Eid Al Adha.

Key attractions across the country experienced a notable influx of visitors. The Giza Pyramids were particularly popular, drawing 28,500 visitors over the three days: approximately 8,000 on the first day, 10,500 on the second, and 10,000 on the third.

Other significant sites included the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square, which welcomed around 10,000 guests, and the Citadel, which saw about 3,700 visitors. The Graeco-Roman Museum in Alexandria received roughly 3,700 visitors, while the Prince Mohamed Ali Palace in Manial hosted 570.

In comparison, during Eid Al Fitr earlier this year, the Giza Pyramids welcomed 35,000 visitors on the second day alone. The decrease in visitor numbers for Eid Al Adha might be attributed to the current weather conditions.


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