Monday June 24th, 2024
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'Humanitarian Kitchen' to be Built in North Sinai for Gaza Aid

The kitchen will operate in Sheikh Zuwaid and deliver meals daily to the Gaza Strip.

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'Humanitarian Kitchen' to be Built in North Sinai for Gaza Aid

A 'humanitarian kitchen' is scheduled for construction in Sheikh Zuwaid in North Sinai, aimed at preparing daily meals to be transported to Gaza. The board of directors of the Egyptian Red Crescent Society, led by Nevine El-Qabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity and Vice Chairman of the Board, have endorsed the establishment and operation of this facility, today, January 29th.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Social Solidarity confirmed that the Red Crescent Society's board of directors have also agreed to enhance coordination efforts, aiming to bolster the Egyptian Red Crescent's assistance and support to its Palestinian counterpart within the Gaza Strip.

According to El-Qabbaj, the total aid shipments entering Gaza via Egypt since October 7th have reached 111,490 tonnes, transported through 7,179 trucks. Currently, more than half a million people in Gaza are confronting ‘catastrophic levels of food insecurity’ according to the World Food Programme.


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