Saturday June 15th, 2024
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King Abdulaziz University Opens Maritime Studies to Female Students

The move aims to increase women’s professional participation in the country’s maritime industries and research in the field.

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King Abdulaziz University Opens Maritime Studies to Female Students

King Abdulaziz University has announced the introduction of female admissions in maritime sector specializations for the first time. The initiative includes the establishment of a new agency for female student affairs at the College of Maritime Studies, aiming to qualify Saudi women for maritime professions and bolster research in the field.

Dr. Faisal Al-Thaibani, Dean of the College of Maritime Studies, stated that this development will enhance community participation and leverage the capabilities of Saudi women, increasing efficiency and sustainability in the maritime transport sector. The college’s strategy focuses on providing globally recognized education and training, contributing to the national economy by preparing Saudi human resources.

The move reflects the Kingdom's commitment to closing workforce gaps and boosting female participation in line with global trends, with an emphasis on increasing women's representation across various sectors, including maritime transport.


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