Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Ladurée’s New Pain Perdu Menu Celebrates Authentic Flavours

Three new French toast flavors by Laduree KSA just made our summer brunches more fabulous.

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Ladurée’s New Pain Perdu Menu Celebrates Authentic Flavours

In our most luxurious travel fantasies, we find ourselves strolling the streets of Paris, eyes to the sky, when we stumble upon a traditional Parisian bakery. One of the smaller ones, dedicated to original recipes, where we daintily settle into a chair on the terrace, order a traditional pain perdu and un café s’il vous plaît, and indulge in our monthly read.

While a Parisian backdrop certainly adds to this romantic picture, it is not always the view we seek. Sometimes, we crave French delicacies done the traditional way, right here in Saudi. French patisserie Ladurée expertly balances catering to a Saudi clientele with maintaining traditional French methods.

To celebrate French culinary tradition, this summer Ladurée is focusing on a classic: French toast, or le pain perdu. With impeccable savoir-faire and a commitment to high-quality ingredients, they have created the ultimate option for breakfast, brunch, or a sweet treat.

Ladurée’s new Pain Perdu menu introduces three elaborate flavors, each showcasing homemade, freshly baked brioche soaked in vanilla custard. The flavors unfold into an extravaganza of coffee cremeux and Mascarpone cream, lemon confit and honey florentine, or chocolate shortbread and vanilla whipped cream, depending on your taste, mood, and the weather.

The new pain perdu menu is available at Ladurée’s in Laysen Valley and ⁠Riydah Park, Riyadh.


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