Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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Massive Record-Breaking Roller Coaster Zooms Into Six Flags Qiddiya

When constructed, it will be the fastest, longest, AND tallest roller coaster anywhere in the world!

Nouran Saleh

Saudi Arabia is about to have the most massive roller coaster in the world, breaking three records at once! The newly-announced ride, Falcon’s Flight, will be nesting at Six Flags Qiddiya, a water park currently in development near Riyadh, where it will claim the title of tallest, longest AND fastest roller coaster ever.

With a top speed of 251 km/h and a vertical drop off the side of a cliff, the new development will prove to be a challenge even for the most serious roller coaster patrons. The ride would supplant the current champion of the tallest roller coaster, Kingda Ka in Jackson, New Jersey, as well as the longest ride, the Steel Dragon 2000, in Japan.

Six Flags Qiddiya is scheduled to open its doors in October 2024. The megaproject envisions a vibrant hub of entertainment and recreation, encompassing theme parks, motorsport race tracks, and world-class sports arenas.


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