Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Matter Launches New Creative Hub in Riyadh at Creative Industry Summit

‘The Creative Collective’ is set to become a space where music, ideas and coffee constantly flow amongst creative minds.

Farah Desouky

Matter Launches New Creative Hub in Riyadh at Creative Industry Summit

As creatives across the region continue to seek community and spaces for exploration, a new community is poised to take centre stage at the heart of the Middle East's largest gathering for creatives.

'The Creative Collective' by award-winning branding consultancy Matter is Riyadh's latest creative venture, inspired by the boundless potential of dreamers brought together under one roof. Set to launch during Creative Industry Summit Riyadh, which will take place from May 21st to the 23rd, The Creative Collective aims to provide a dynamic space for creatives to converge, learn and collaborate.

“Riyadh has witnessed significant growth in its creative landscape in the past two years, with a burgeoning community of talented individuals seeking opportunities to express themselves and collaborate,” Co-Founder and Managing Partner Matter Magd El Sherif tells SceneNowSaudi. Newcomers and seasoned professionals are both invited to seek inspiration within the walls of the vent. “By launching the Creative Collective in Riyadh, Matter aims to tap into this energy and provide a platform for creatives to thrive and contribute to the city's evolving creative landscape,” El Sherif adds.

The essence of The Creative Collective is reflected in its diverse range of workshops, carefully designed to meet the varied interests and needs of its members. These workshops provide practical skills and insights across different areas such as photography, design, branding, and entrepreneurship.

For example, the first workshop  offers a behind-the-scenes look at the process of food styling and photography, led by experts Nihal Basha and Hatem Saleh. Participants will learn about the meticulous attention to detail required to create captivating images for packaging.

In the second workshop, Majd El Sherif and Mohamed Abbas guide participants through the art of strategic brand crafting, exploring techniques for creating brands that resonate with consumers in a changing market landscape. Meanwhile, the third workshop, led by Moe Dakhly, focuses on photography skills, covering topics like composition, lighting, and visual storytelling.

Under the banner of ‘Serving Creatives, Serving Creativity’, The Creative Collective will offer a space where music, ideas and coffee—the tried and tested remedies for art—are constantly flowing. Additionally, Saudi creatives can enjoy two special edition flavors of Dara’s Ice Cream, along with Matter's signature coffee and Kin Suki special edition plates and Kvell vintage wear, fostering an inspiring environment where both established and emerging creative minds can thrive.


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