Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Ministry of Environment Launches Waste Management Improvement Plan

The plan will see the formation of specialised teams tasked with improving waste systems in the country.

Cairo Scene

Ministry of Environment Launches Waste Management Improvement Plan

The Ministry of Environment has unveiled a plan to overhaul the nation's waste management systems, in which specialised teams will be tasked with assessing and improving waste systems across the country.

These teams, composed of both workers and consultants, will collaborate within the Environmental Affairs Agency and the Waste Management Authority. Their goal is to meticulously analyse the status of various waste types, identify challenges, and set ambitious goals for improvement.

Central to this initiative is the creation of a comprehensive database to track and manage waste in all governorates of Egypt. Leveraging the expertise of consultants, the government aims to develop robust technical support systems to facilitate effective waste management practices.

The Waste Management Authority is set to collaborate closely with other ministries and stakeholders to streamline efforts in tackling diverse waste streams including agricultural, industrial, medical, electronic, and petroleum waste.


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