Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Ministry of Health Rolls Out Reproductive Health Services Campaign

As part of the broader initiatives offered by the Health Ministry, the focus is now on pre and post-natal care for mothers.

Ibrahim Wael

Ministry of Health Rolls Out Reproductive Health Services Campaign

The Ministry of Health and Population has announced the launch of a campaign to provide reproductive health services across all governorates, from May 26th to June 6th, 2024, in line with the recommendations of the National Family Development Project.

The Minister of Health explained that the campaign will include reproductive health consultations by trained specialists, comprehensive care for pregnant women to ensure their safety and the healthy growth of their babies, along with providing ultrasound examinations. Adding that the campaign will be implemented in two phases, the first from May 26th to the 30th, and the second from June 2nd to the 6th.

Dr. Hossam Abbas, Head of the Population Sector, explained that the campaign will provide long-acting family planning methods and free services and medications in fixed health units, urban centres, general and central hospitals, and maternal and child care centres spread across cities and villages nationwide, as well as through mobile clinics in remote areas. He added that the campaign will include the organisation of exhibitions for women's clubs, showcasing handmade crafts, local food products, leather goods, sewing, and knitting items produced by the beneficiaries after receiving training from women’s club officials.


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