Thursday May 30th, 2024
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Play Sports Academy Kicks Off Spring Football League for Startups

This football league gives startups a chance to promote team bonding while engaging in friendly competition.

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Play Sports Academy Kicks Off Spring Football League for Startups

Entrepreneurs are used to competition – it takes a lot of muscle and teamwork to turn a fresh idea into an up-and-running startup. This spring, Play Sports Academy, one of the leading youth and development academies in Egypt, is giving the rough-and-tumble startup world a chance to connect with the joy of the beautiful game with their Spring 2024 Startup Football League.

This is the second edition of the startup league. In 2023, the event saw participation from companies like Thndr, Trella, Nawy, Instabug, SWVL, Cartona, Subsbase and more.

“The SWVL team showed up in branded buses, and other teams kept trying to top them. By week three the Nawy CEO had showed up to support his team,” Nour Ahmadein, a Play Sports Academy partner whose familiarity with the startup scene knowledge stems from his role in bringing Uber to Egypt, tells CairoScene. “It gets rowdy in a fun way.”

This league is a great chance for companies to engage in team bonding while creating a healthy workplace culture, and, while the league gets competitive, Play Sports Academy founder Zane Ahmadein emphasises that there is more to playing than winning. “For me, it’s the moments of connection off the field that are the most fun,” the sports academy founder shares.

Embracing Play Sports Academy’s values of safety, access, inclusion, and fun, this league utilises a double-elimination tournament style to keep all teams playing for as long as possible. With round-robins and multiple brackets, every team is able to keep playing until the end. “Adults aren’t always used to that,” Zane Ahmadein says, “but when they realise they can keep playing they get even more invested.”

The 2024 startup league will take place over a span of six weeks. More than 20 teams will have the chance to score prizes and awards in categories such as best keeper in the league, best sportsmanship, and more.

This league will kick off on April 14th at the District 5 Club in New Cairo. Company branded kits will be provided, and a portion of the league’s proceeds will be donated to aid efforts in Gaza. Startups hoping to register for the league should email


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