Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Solar Power Will Be Exported From Egypt to Europe & the United Kingdom

Through a series of solar farms built near the Suez canal, Egypt is set to provide the UK and Europe with low-carbon energy.

Cairo Scene

Plans are currently underway for solar power from Egypt to be exported to parts of Europe, including the United Kingdom.

The EUR 3.7 billion project is being jointly developed by the Greek company Copelouzos and the Egyptian company Infinity, Egypt’s largest renewable energy provider. Together they are expected to generate about 10 gigawatts of power – roughly equivalent to 10 UK power stations. A 600-mile undersea cable from Egypt to Greece will transport about a third of the electricity to Greece, and the rest to markets across Europe and the UK.

The exports would provide power during times when sources in Northern Europe are less productive due to fluctuating wind and sunlight. Details of the infrastructure project connecting Egypt and the UK will be discussed at an upcoming energy summit in London.


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