Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Two Egyptian Men Receive Jail Time and EGP 100,00 Fine Each for Bullying South Sudanese Boy

In accordance with new laws against bullying, two Egyptian men who bullied a South Sudanese 14-year-old and shared a video of the incident over TikTok have been sentenced to jail with a EGP 100,000 fine each.

CairoScene Team

Two young men have been sentenced by a Giza misdemeanour court for the bullying and assault of a 14-year-old South Sudanese boy. The incident had been caught on video and shared over TikTok by the defendants in June 2020, rousing anger and a call to action when it went viral among Egyptians. The clip shows the boy walking through the Imbaba neighbourhood after returning from a trip to the supermarket for his mother, before the two men started to throw stones and hurl racially-charged insults at him. In accordance with the laws against bullying that have been implemented by the Cabinet earlier this month, July 15th, the two men have been sentenced with two years in jail and a fine of EGP 100,000 each for "bullying", "discrimination on the basis of origin" and "disturbing the peace."

A similar incident took place back in November 2019, when three young men bullied a Sudanese schoolboy by tearing off his backpack and sharing a video of the act over TikTok. Shortly after the three men were arrested, the victim's father dropped the charges out of concern for the defendants' futures. The three Egyptian men were released on bail for EGP 2,000. At the time, the Sudanese student was quoted saying, "I forgive the three who did this to me... and I hope nothing like this happens to another Sudanese person ever again."

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