Thursday May 30th, 2024
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Water & Food Security Named Top Priorities in FY2024/2025 Budget

The Minister of Planning and Economic Development has revealed some of the development projects planned for this year.

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Water & Food Security Named Top Priorities in FY2024/2025 Budget

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development has just announced that the budget for FY 2024/2025 will prioritise the establishment and expansion of food and water security projects.

These projects include providing electricity to agricultural reclamation projects in New Delta and establishing new seawater desalination plants, each with a capacity to process 434 thousand cubic metres per day. Another planned project will see the construction of 471 drinking water stations and 248 sewage treatment stations. Other projects will involve adding new agricultural areas, increasing agricultural, animal, and aquaculture production efficiency, and modernising the agricultural holding system.

While these food and water security projects are the top priority of this year’s budget, the Egyptian economic and social development plan has many other goals. Some of these goals involve improving the safety and sustainability of transport systems through measures such as completing the national and strategic road network and completing the roads that connect different governorates. These road programs are intended to cut down on accidents and improve the connectivity of several governorates.

This budget also includes plans to incorporate digitalization into university hospitals and other government services related to education, culture, health, the judiciary and taxes.

Other projects announced by the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development include paving 1,356 internal roads, lighting 670 streets, establishing and improving 25 parking lots, establishing52 new markets and exhibitions, completing 18 slaughterhouses, implementing a program for solid waste management, continuing the 100 million trees initiative, and increasing housing units to 337,000 residential units. The government also plans to establish five developmental clusters in North Dinai in Al-Hassanat, Al-Wafaaq, Najaa Shabana, and Al-Mahdiyah.


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