Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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You Can Now Obtain or Renew Your Saudi National ID via Mobile Units

To facilitate civil registration services for citizens in remote areas, 22 mobile units have been deployed across the Kingdom.

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The Saudi Ministry of Civil Service has deployed 22 mobile units across the Kingdom in remote areas with no access to civil affairs offices to make their services, which include obtaining or renewing national identity cards, more accessible.

For Saudi women, there are designated mobile units available at the Khadija School for Qur’an Memorizations, the Zainab Bint Massaab Secondary Girls School in the Bani Hassan governorate, as well as the Hajrah Secondary Girls School, and Al-Jarda Compound for Girls in the Qilwah governorate.

Meanwhile, mobile units for men can be found at Al-Mald Middle School in Al-Baha, Ali Bin Abi Taleb Middle School in the Al-Hajrah governorate, and Khawarezmi Middle School in Al-Jarda.


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