Wednesday April 17th, 2024
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You Can Now Visit Luxor's 4,000 Year-Old Tomb of Meru

Meru’s tomb, which first garnered widespread interest in the 19th century, is finally open to the public.

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You Can Now Visit Luxor's 4,000 Year-Old Tomb of Meru

One of the oldest tombs to have ever been found in Luxor has just been restored, and is now accessible to the public.

The Middle Kingdom tomb had belonged to Meru, a high-ranking official at the court of the 11th Dynasty King Mentuhotep II, who reigned until 2004 BC. The tomb is located at the necropolis of North Asasif on Luxor's West Bank and was restored by the Polish Centre for Mediterranean Archaeology at the University of Warsaw and Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities.

The tomb is now the oldest site accessible to the public on Luxor's West Bank. Meru’s tomb faces the procession avenue to Mentuhotep II's temple, and one of its corridors leads to an offering chapel with a niche for a statue of the deceased, and a burial shaft that descends to a chamber with a sarcophagus.


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