Thursday June 13th, 2024
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Alexandria's Bun Run Makes Buns That Are Worth the Run

Multi-layer buns and pancakes for dessert? Yes please.

Layla Raik

Alexandria's Bun Run Makes Buns That Are Worth the Run

In an update completely unrelated to the ever-increasing prevalence of our anger issues, nearly every burger shop worth their salt has taken to smashing their patties beyond recognition. We’re not sure if it’s the equal flavour distribution or a trickling of the sweet taste of revenge, but that somehow has made our sammiches all the more scrumptious.  Overtaking the Alexandrian burger scene with towering burger sandwiches that glow with the faint smell of charred mushrooms, Bun Run crafts buns that are worth the run from Smouha’s newest culinary fortress Tio. From chicken ranch goodness to caramelised-onion topped shroomies, Bun Run’s burgers are a mess worth fighting through.

Once you’ve made it through the primary obstacle course (we love to suffer, though), the spot’s perfectly tanned mini pancakes covered in Lotus or Nutella are like a second breakfast to ever appetible bellies.


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