Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
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Baky Hospitality’s Megumi Just Landed in El Gouna's Marina

The it-girl of summer nights out is headed East to sunny El Gouna this summer.

Layla Raik

Baky Hospitality’s Megumi Just Landed in El Gouna's Marina

This summer, it seems like it’s raining restaurants and cafés in sunny El Gouna. As if it wasn’t hard enough to choose without the new additions.

One of these new spots, however, is a particular mark of good fortune - a ‘blessing’, if you will. Does the wordplay ring a bell? Baki Hospitality’s Megumi Cocktail Room is heading East from the North Coast to El Gouna, at last. Frankly, it’s been a long time coming; Megumi is the it-girl summer dining destination on the North coastline, and it’s about time it became that of the Red Sea as well.

“Megumi Cocktail Room was initially born from the idea of creating a unique cocktail room experience tailored for coastal and summer destinations,” stories Roulla Soussou, marketing director of Baky Hospitality, “It's only fitting that El Gouna became the ultimate setting for this concept.”

With a commitment to being the summer destination of the year, Megumi hosts exciting DJ lineups on long weekends to add even more spritz to their cocktails. You can now indulge in their quirky cocktail concoctions and delectable Japanese finger food selection during happy hour at sunset, where your whimsical sipping is accompanied by the stunning view of the sun setting over tranquil El Gouna.

“The very essence of El Gouna has always been a source of inspiration, and Megumi Cocktail Room has seamlessly become the ideal destination for locals, known affectionately as ‘Gounies’.”

Megumi is now open to the public at Fanadir Marina, El Gouna.


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