Monday April 15th, 2024
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Brunch Breaks But Make Them Boujee at New Cairo's Berro's

Is there, like, a lifetime pass? Can we move in?

Layla Raik

Brunch Breaks But Make Them Boujee at New Cairo's Berro's

Somewhere in the history of upscale dining, between the blood-sacrifice-requiring reservations and continent-spanning fusion restaurants, things got more convoluted than they needed to be. Berro’s, the all-new Tagamoa eatery on everyone’s next date bucket list, is making fine dining fun again (and by extension saving our confused diaspora babies).

Fostering a French-tilted international cuisine and the infamous Lebanese hospitality across all three meals, Berro’s menu is one that transports you to the outdoor seating area of a lesser-known back-alley Paris eatery with an unconventional view of La Tour Eiffel.

For breakfast, the eatery offers an extensive selection of egg-based dishes, featuring an unmissable Ratatouille Ala Shakshouka that a certain rat would be very proud to see. Alternatively, you can indulge in a delectable sauteed mushroom tartine or a cruffin with your coffee, sourced from the Cairo Coffee Collective.

Emptier stomachs can immerse themselves in the world of Berro’s through an elusive lunch-dinner menu. Split into two size-based categories, the brasserie’s menu allows you to experiment with an expansive range of all kinds of dishes, earth-, sea- and air-sourced. From a mouth-watering veal schnitzel to a truffle-shaving-topped croque monsieur to their herb-infused tomato-tahini-topped half-roast cauliflower – Berro’s experimental delicacies always manage to hit the spot.

Devoted to the brasserie life, Berro’s casual yet upscale air is embodied in the faintest of details. The open-plan sunlit seating, the locally-sourced fresh florals, the calm yet sophisticated reception, the candles at dinner, the engraved logo on every piece of cutlery – dining at Berro’s is a five-sense endeavour.


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