Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Cuppa Burst Onto Sahel’s Boba Scene at Hacienda’s Lakeyard

Mix your own perfect concoction of flavours with Cuppa’s DIY Fruit Fusion, or choose from one of their signature mixes.

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Cuppa Burst Onto Sahel’s Boba Scene at Hacienda’s Lakeyard

‘Tis the season of clasping cold, colourful, condensation-covered cups of quenching concoctions as close to the coast as one can manage, and the country’s newest boba spot is already cornering the market with its refreshingly joyous approach to the Asian-inspired favourite. It’s barely been a week since Cuppa popped up in Hacienda’s Lakeyard on the north coast, but their fresh, globally-inspired flavours - and adorable accompanying cast of characters - are already making waves amongst the summer Sahel crowds.

“My partner Ahmed and I truly believe in spreading joy through our drinks,” Mohamed Osman, Co-Founder of Cuppa, tells SceneEats. “It was always a dream of mine to open up a Boba place, ever since I first got hooked on it during my school years in the UAE.”

Osman, and his business partner Ahmed El Refai, have both made significant shifts in their careers to pursue this new bubbly venture, and their long-held passion for the drink is clear in every facet of Cuppa. “I used to be in banking, whilst Ahmed worked in the automotive sector, so we’ve both made a big shift to break into Egypt’s F&B industry.” The inspiration behind their bursting onto the north coast’s Boba scene has come from years of travel, exploring myriad flavours from across the world.

“When I returned from studying at university in the UK, I took an online course in making Boba drinks from scratch, and in the process I met Ahmed,” explains Osman. “That’s how we discovered our shared interest in F&B, as well as our love for Boba. With that love, we joined forces and travelled the world, experimenting with all sorts of Boba drinks.” That invaluable experience has clearly informed Cuppa’s eclectic flavours and styles. “It’s so exciting for us to show to Egyptian consumers what Boba tea can really taste like, having experienced such high standards across the world.” Perhaps the best example of this is Osman’s favourite aspect of Cuppa, which allows customers to create their own drinks from their extensive menu of flavours. “The DIY fruit fusion lets you really experiment with your favourite flavours, so you can find the mix you love the most.” But for those who want to stick to Cuppa’s signature creations, you can look forward to concoctions such as Mango Milk with Peach Popping Boba, or Peach Fruit Tea with Rainbow Popping Boba, next time you head north to the shimmering Mediterranean coast.


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