Monday June 24th, 2024
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Dara’s Ice Cream Opens in Riyadh

It turns out that every single one of us does, in fact, scream for ice cream - particularly when it comes to Dara's Ice Cream.

Layla Raik

Dara’s Ice Cream Opens in Riyadh

Bright pink ice cream cups, grey stone walls adorned with framed pictures, and that familiar sugary aroma - we're certain we've encountered that scent somewhere before. With a swift motion, the ice cream cup that has captured our attention from a distance comes into full view, and with a gasp, we realise: Dara's has arrived in Riyadh.

A pink-clad army, led by Dara herself, has ventured into the Saudi Arabian ice cream market. According to the extensive coverage of the shop's opening yesterday, this sweet delight was warmly embraced by the locals. After years of envious glances, our neighbours are finally savouring honeycomb scoops of ice cream, buttery cookies, and the occasional sumptuous churro as Dara's expands, slowly but surely, on a global scale.


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