Monday June 24th, 2024
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Fried Chicken Connoisseurs Howlin’ Birds Are Coming to District 5

Here’s why you’ve been hearing howling in New Cairo.

Layla Raik

Fried Chicken Connoisseurs Howlin’ Birds Are Coming to District 5

If you, for whatever reason, have recently taken a stroll in lower New Cairo near the road to Sokhna, you might have noticed a strange, desperate cry echoing from the distant direction of District 5. Fear not, dear reader, that is no coyote, no rabid dog, not even the chronicled ‘sal3awa’’s the appetising cry of beloved fried chicken destination Howlin’ Birds soon to open at District 5.

In response, the cries of our gnawing stomachs echo back. What better attraction than Howlin’ Birds’ famed fried chicken to draw us out to the middle of the desert?

“Our passion comes from a lifelong obsession with bursting flavours,” explains Yara Zoheiry, the owner and marketing specialist of Howlin’ Birds, in an effort to let us in on the eatery’s charm,  “We always try to manipulate the recipes, food presentation and sometimes our own style in order to create something different.”

Soon, hardcore Howlers will be able to enjoy the restaurant’s famed Nashville-fried birds, wings and tenders - or sandos of all types - complete with a dine-in experience, at District 5.

“The District 5 branch is our first step towards a dine-in experience; which will definitely allow us to do more with Howlin’ Birds - including new and exciting menu items.”

With a bigger kitchen, the restaurant will now be able to introduce a new secret menu, one you could (and should) only try in person.


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