Monday June 24th, 2024
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Lebanon's Coveted Chocolatier Shanshal Opens in New Cairo

Every Cairene broken heart can rest a bit easier now that its chocolate needs are about to be Shanshal-ed.

Layla Raik

Lebanon's Coveted Chocolatier Shanshal Opens in New Cairo

As May blossoms onto our calendars, an innate drive, sometimes known as love being in the air, seems to pull us closer to everything pink/red, cheesy rom-coms and - last but not least - inordinate amounts of chocolate. This year, our summer-clad celebrations are a little more special (not because of a special someone, no) because regional artisanal chocolatiers Shanshal are landing in Cairo all the way from Lebanon to obliterate (or feed!) the Cairene sweet tooth syndrome.

Artisanal truffles, pralines and confectionaries (in adorable shapes, colours and seasonal packages) that melt on your tongue & have your heart in a puddle have been brought your way by the international sweeteners, for a never-seen-before heavenly chocolate experience in the heart of the city.


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