Sunday July 21st, 2024
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Maadi’s CinéBar Marries Silver Screen Indulgence With Elevated Dining

Located in Maadi’s Galaxy Cineplex, CinéBar is redefining just what movie ‘snacks’ should look like.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Maadi’s CinéBar Marries Silver Screen Indulgence With Elevated Dining

What do the Art Deco movement, Greta Gerwig's Barbie, and French toast have in common, you ask? Well, we're delighted you inquired...

On those indecisive nights when you can't quite determine whether your weary soul yearns for a post-work dinner treat or a tranquil evening immersed in a cinematic masterpiece, Maadi's CinéBar has crafted a splendid compromise that seamlessly melds the best of both worlds.

With an enchanting allure reminiscent of the opulent and lush Disney classics we all hold dear, CinéBar at Maadi's Galaxy Cineplex effortlessly marries refined American culinary classics with the captivating and immersive ambiance one typically encounters on the silver screen.

Indulging every craving, CinéBar allows you to savor your movie alongside a meal fit for (Disney) royalty - an authentic protagonist moment, one might even say. From the Cream of Mushroom Soup to their signature ‘Fat & Fluffy Pan Perdu’, nothing satiates our hedonistic desires quite like a hearty feast in the company of a heartfelt film (or any genre of your preference, naturally).

This lush and almost fantastical haven, adorned with emerald green walls and intricate gilded details, simply whisks you away into a theatrical experience like no other. And let’s be real, who needs popcorn when you can relish some ‘Avocado Mango Madness’ while luxuriating in comfort?


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