Thursday July 25th, 2024
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New Cairo’s Chickanji is all About Smokin’ Hot Stuffed Chicken

Egypt’s first Lebanese-American smokery and chicken grill, Chickanji serves up chicken like you’ve never seen before.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

New Cairo’s Chickanji is all About Smokin’ Hot Stuffed Chicken

Growing up in an Egyptian household means becoming well-acquainted with the art of stuffing: vine leaves, eggplants, potatoes, pigeons, and, most importantly, chicken. Stuffed chicken has cemented itself over the decades as a quintessential pillar of the Egyptian culinary experience. A Friday at grandmother’s house is incomplete without a spoonful of grits - or ‘freek’ for those unfamiliar with the anglicised term - scooped from the insides of a chicken that has so benevolently sacrificed itself for sustenance.

Yet, as we’ve grown older and family gatherings have become fewer, enjoying a proper plate of stuffed chicken has become a rare treat. That’s where New Cairo’s Chickanji comes into play, filling the gaps in our hearts and stomachs with a taste of smokin’ hot culinary nostalgia.

Located in New Cairo’s Trivium Square Mall, Chickanji is the first Lebanese-American live smokery and grill dedicated to chicken. With an expansive menu catering to all carnivorous tastes, their standout offering is undoubtedly their signature grit-stuffed smoked chicken. Stuffed, seasoned, and slow-cooked in a wood smoker for hours, Chickanji’s whole chicken is then presented steaming hot, ready to be savoured.

While the chicken is indeed the star, Chickanji offers a comprehensive experience, with the space expertly crafted to resemble a Southern-style American barbecue joint, albeit with an Oriental twist. Coining the term ‘LebAm,’ Chickanji proudly embraces Lebanese culinary classics served up the American way.

Complementing the smoked chicken, Chickanji offers a variety of starters, sides, and salads - many chicken-centric themselves (side note: fried chicken ‘lollipops’? Yes, please). If you’re not in the mood for a whole smoked chicken, Chickanji’s sandwiches and wood-fire grilled mains are equally enticing options.

From Lebanese chicken burgers to nearly foot-long chicken kofta sandwiches, it’s safe to say that Chickanji doesn’t mess around when it comes to chicken. And if you - for whatever reason - find yourself craving beef, you won’t be disappointed either.


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