Thursday May 30th, 2024
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Tag’s is the New Alexandrian Spot Serving Us International Cuisine

The age-old question of where to eat this Thursday has perhaps been answered for good.

Layla Raik

Tag’s is the New Alexandrian Spot Serving Us International Cuisine

To unassuming Cairenes, we Alexandrians may seem like an unbreakable force cemented in unwavering pride. Something about constantly breathing in sea mist has made our skins clearer and our smiles bigger – we seem to have it all. But deep down the Alexandrian heart lives in constant fear of the dreaded, “Where are we eating?” usually succeeded by reluctant visits to redundant pizza parlours and soggy burger spots.

Swooping in out of nowhere to save us from man’s worst enemy, a boring meal, Tag’s is the new international cuisine restaurant sponsoring our Thursday night hangouts (and inevitably the elegant backdrop for subsequent Instagram posts).

Supplied with a real (very chic) stone oven, the spot engages you in the classics, firing up Greek & pepperoni pizzas left and right. Alternatively, you could indulge in a quick & convenient but artisanal sandwich, from Philly cheese feasts to pesto parmesan delicacies to the messier beasts of burgers. Pickier eaters and self-proclaimed chefs could also build their own sandwiches to taste.

Stealing the spotlight from their savoury menu, Tag’s dessert menu is a sweet tooth’s wonderland. Besides featuring everything from San Sebastians’ to mini pancakes, the restaurant has a dedicated ice cream menu featuring everything from regular gelato, rolls and soft serve for post-breakup gossip sessions.


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