Monday July 22nd, 2024
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The Best Truffle Fries in Egypt: A SceneEats Guide

Drizzled with Truffle oil or paired with truffle cheese, these fries are the ultimate gourmet snack.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

The Best Truffle Fries in Egypt: A SceneEats Guide

Fries need no introduction, and we’d be kidding ourselves if we presumed otherwise. The ultimate cannot-go-wrong-with side, many a meals find themselves incomplete without the company of fries. But while our love for classic fries will never subside, sometimes our taste buds humbly signal to us something along the lines of ‘babe, spice this up, please.’

Let’s be real, animal fries are incredible in their own right, but still, what else is out there? How can we appease the deities of our cravings? Well it seems that truffle has offered itself up as our benevolent saviour. Aptly donned the ‘diamonds of the kitchen’, truffle carries a rich and distinct earthy kick that bestows it with the adequate traits to ‘zhush’ up a plate of crispy golden rays.

Without further ado, whether drizzled with truffle oil, sprinkled with truffle infused salt, or showered with truffle cheese, we’ve gathered up a list of spots all over Egypt that serve up truffle fries worth worshipping.

Mo The Hangout Spot

The Font Mall, New Cairo

Made in-house with creamy truffle sauce and parmesan cheese, Mo The Hangout Spot’s truffle fries is one you cannot go wrong with. And the best part? You can pair it with a truffle beef farfalle pasta.


Branches all over Egypt

Leave it to the maestros of Italian and Japanese fusion to truly perfect truffle fries. Drizzled with just the right amount of truffle oil and rough salt, Nî’s truffle fries are as filling as they are delicious. Oh and, you’ll be wanting more truffle, so we’d suggest their signature paccheri truffle pasta plate. N.B. Too much carbs is a myth.

Medekari Eatery

The Nox Mall, New Cairo

Serving up authentic Mediterranean cuisine, Medekari’s truffle fries add a - literally - sweet touch to their truffle fries, injecting a drop (or two) of honey into their sauce.

Bake My Day

Branches all over Cairo

While Bake My Day’s signature cakes and tarts truly take the…well, cake, one cannot dismiss the savoury side of their menu, especially when their belgian truffle fries are drenched in pounds of sauce. Oh, and, another side note…you may want to get the mixed berries cake for dessert.

Reif Kushiyaki

5A by Waterway, New Cairo & Marassi, North Coast

The truffle Bonnie to their Japanese classics Clyde, Reif’s truffle fries are devilishly drenched in truffle mayo. Be warned, you might want to share, unless you plan on missing out on their signature mains.


Branches all over Cairo

An international eatery at its core but a social destination foremost, Bocca’s truffle fries were meant to share with your besties over your monthly catch-up.

Berro’s Brasserie

The Nox Mall, New Cairo

It remains a mystery why Berro’s truffle fries are called the ‘15 hour fries’, but we think it’s safe to assume that it’s because it’ll linger on your mind for hours and hours following consumption.

Alle Botti

Merghany, Heliopolis

Hand-cut and fried golden, Italian eatery Alle Botti’s truffle potatoes pack a powerful punch, leaving no seasoning - Italian or otherwise - unused.


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