Saturday June 15th, 2024
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The Coolest Ice Cream in Egypt - A Scene Eats Guide

We’re all screaming anyway – might as well get a cone.

Layla Raik

The Coolest Ice Cream in Egypt - A Scene Eats Guide

As summer rolls in and we can no longer bear the thought of heated food in any form, it’s only natural the general population’s dessert focus shifts to cooler creations, like internationally accredited fan-acclaimed scream-inducer: the trusty ice cream.

To evoke the delightful contrast of the salty-sweet image, imagine cool droplets of ice cream melting on your sun-warmed thighs in the July heat, while you relax in the comfort of your respective office. Bearing that notion in mind, we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to ice cream in across 13 Egyptian sumptuous spots.

Dara’s Ice Cream

Branches all over Cairo & the North Coast

Wafting the heart-melting smell of burnt sugar and waffled biscuit all over the city, Dara’s is known for the caramelised goodness and brownie-flavoured creations it so proudly produces.


The Drive by the Waterway, New Cairo

0 sugar added but all the fun guaranteed, Yolé cools down your summer with swirly treats that are made entirely with natural, and therefore healthy, sweeteners that are built to melt your nutritional worries.

Mandarine Koueider

Branches all over Egypt

From their dingy Korba branch that holds scoops of our dearest memories to their shinier outlets that were reluctant to step inside, Mandarine Koueider’s ice cream is a dependable staple we constantly go back to. Haaave you tried their pistachio?


St. 261, Maadi

Famous for their oozing chocolate-stuffed cones, Conitta makes cone-infused ice-cream that adds just enough bursting flavour to our creamy vanillas. Braver screamers can indulge in the eatery’s C-tacos; a feast not for the lighthearted.

El Abd

Branches all over Egypt

As unlikely as it may sound, El Abd is as expert in ice cream as it is in kahk, except the former is a lot better summer-suited and comes in special bubblegum flavours.


St. Fatima & Korba, Masr El-Gedida

Hidden in the seedy underbelly of Masr El-Gedida, Magic is the ice cream spot for sporadic first dates where you want to both enjoy unmatched ice cream and flaunt your hidden-gem-spotting skills. Try their banana, pistachio and vanilla combo for optimal deliciousness.


District 5, New Cairo

After years of decorating every cornerstone in our childhood, Mega’s growth into a fully-fledged walk-in store where you can make your own Mega popsicles - an event we can’t yet get over, no matter how many white chocolate-covered sticks we gulp down.

Wunder Chocolatier

Part St., Sheikh Zayed

What happens when you give expert chocolatiers the chance to put their finest cocoa in soft form? The answer is in the creamy swirls of Wunder’s delicious chocolate ice cream, decorated with crumbs of their artisanal chocolate.

El Madina El Monawara

Branches all over Cairo

While some may know the one-stop dessert shop for their Sobya and Amar El Din, real dessert fanatics understand the true deliciousness of El Madina El Monawara’s ice cream.

Malouk Eats

Delivers all over Egypt

The sugar free ice-cream gig has been way overdone in both try-hard creameries and our kitchens, but Malouk Eats takes it a step further with ice cream that’s actually good for you - and super elegant black (activated charcoal) renditions, of course.

Mini Melts

Branches all over Cairo & the North Coast

The ice cream spot every foodie and their mother are drooling over is hitting Egypt hard, with 8 nationwide branches where you can munch on hundreds of melt-on-your-tongue tiny ice cream balls.

Cold Stone

Branches all over Egypt

We were obsessed with it as wee little kiddos, and we’re still obsessed with it as adults. Cold Stone’s Birthday Cake Remix will always evoke a yearning for summer in our bones.


El Manakh, Port Said

Ever wondered where the sickly sweet cassata originated? Salsabila, the go-to ice cream shop in Port Said, is the first in Egypt to craft the jam- and flour-infused ice cream concoction, besides of course being a martyr in the field of the cream.


Branches all over Egypt

Besides their absolutely gobsmackingly delicious gelato and sorbet, Gourmet has a line of single-serve non-dairy to put an end to your vegan/lactose intolerant ice cream hunt.

B Laban

Branches all over Egypt

We hate to say it, but B Laban’s falafel-disguised ice cream is actually… edible.


Korba, Heliopolis & Abd El-Khalik Tharwat St., Downtown Cairo

The first spot to bring ice cream into Cairo, many many years ago, Groppi’s nougat casatta is a forever favourite. 


Arkan Plaza, Sheikh Zayed & District 5, New Cairo

Chocolate connoisseur Moko is putting out the ice-cream-ified version of their chocolate treats this year, with chocolate-covered ice cream sticks you can customise. 

Hans & Gretel

Branches all over Cairo

Minus the evil witch scheming to throw you into her oven, Hans & Gretel is a real candy house, with all the ice-creaming and none of the threat.

El Nezamy

Bahary, Alexandria

Directly facing the calm beach of Bahary, Alexandria, and its colourful boats, El Nezamy makes the best ice cream in Alexandria. Bonus points if you match your ice cream to your favourite boat.


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