Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
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The International Chefs Cooking Up a Storm at Cairo Food Week 2024

This distinguished lineup of national and international chefs is poised to spearhead the second edition of Cairo Food Week.

Farida El Shafie

The International Chefs Cooking Up a Storm at Cairo Food Week 2024

When we delve into the concept of 'food culture,' we transcend simplistic notions of legacy brands and street vendors. We recognize its inextricable ties to heritage, the familial bonds it embodies, and the ritualistic aspects that ensure its endurance over time. Chefs serve as the conduits through which food culture is exchanged, with their recipes driving the momentum of the movement and their passion enhancing the dining experience.

As Cairo Food Week progresses toward its vision of becoming a global hub for tastemakers, it curates a distinguished lineup of national and international chefs to lead discussions, dinners, screenings, and exhibitions. These events offer participants the opportunity to explore the intersection of Egypt, its food culture, and the rich history that makes it a fertile ground for global culinary convergence.


Ossiano | UAE

Chef Gregorie Berger, the Head Chef of Ossiano, an underwater restaurant situated at Dubai's Palm Atlantis, leads with expertise in culinary arts. With a career spanning multiple prestigious Michelin-starred kitchens worldwide, Chef Berger has been instrumental in shaping the dining experiences at Ossiano since 2014. The restaurant's recent ranking as No. 4 on MENA's 50 Best Restaurants of 2023 list reflects Berger's dedication to culinary excellence.


Al Gatto Verde | Italy

Jessica Rosval is the effervescent dynamo powering Al Gatto Verde, the refined live-fire restaurant situated within Casa Maria Luigia; Massimo Bottura’s luxury guest house in Modena, Italy. Her signature style blends elements from her North American roots, classic French training and her adoptive home of Italy to create food that retains a decidedly Italian essence but with a well-travelled and contemporary culinary vocabulary.


Venissa | Italy

At Venissa on Venice’s Mazzorbo Island, Chiara Pavan and Francesco Brutto have cultivated what they call “cucina ambientale” or “environmental cuisine”. It is an approach borne from the need to protect the Venetian lagoon from climate change and highlight the effects it has on similar fragile ecosystems.


The Lemon Tree & Co. | Egypt

Mirette Aly is the co-founder and Chief Hospitality Officer of TLT concepts, including the one that started her professional journey, The Lemon Tree & Co. The self-described ‘situationally-taught’ chef’s career meandered through different creative industries before reaching its inevitable stopping point at hospitality & gastronomy. Mirette has broken all barriers, exemplifying an inspiring model of the female chef. All the while, she nurtured a proudly Egyptian and widely loved concept from a small restaurant into an empire of culinary, hospitality, lifestyle and entertainment concepts.


Restaurante El Chato | Columbia

Alvaro Clavijo, the visionary behind Restaurante El Chato, which secured the No. 2 spot in Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants 2023, has crafted a contemporary gastro-bistro cherished for its cosy and welcoming atmosphere. Through its menu, the restaurant shares two captivating stories: Alvaro's culinary journey and El Chato's deep-rooted connection with the vibrant community of producers in Bogota, Colombia's bustling capital city.


Izakaya | Egypt

Since 2016, Peruvian-born Martin Rodriguez has led the team at Sanctum Hospitality’s Izakaya in Palm Hills, and introduced Nikkei cuisine to the Egyptian market. A master of adaptation, he melds both an acute understanding of the Egyptian palate and the Peruvian flavors of his youth to create dishes and menus representative of his journey from Peru to Egypt.


RIJKS & WIls | The Netherlands

Joris Bijdendijk is the Master Chef behind restaurants RIJKS®️ and Wils in Amsterdam. Both were awarded a Michelin star. At RIJKS®️, located inside the namesake Rijksmuseum, he draws inspiration from ingredients grown on Dutch soil, often melding together global flavours that have influenced Dutch cuisine across the centuries. At Wils, he pays culinary tribute to fire, the primal power of all kitchens.


Neolokal | Turkey

At Neolokal in Istanbul (Michelin Star, Michelin Green Star), Chef Maksut Aşkar draws inspiration from his studies and his passion for ‘taste design’ to present a modern rendition of Anatolian cuisine. Even the name, Neolokal, stems from this philosophy - refining the family recipes, not only of his childhood and memories, but also of the roots and traditions that have shaped the cuisine.


Cavallino | Italy

At ‘Osteria Francescana,’ Riccardo earned his first Michelin Star and became an integral part of the team, contributing to its attainment of prestigious awards like a third Michelin Star and top rankings in the World's 50 Best Restaurants. In 2021, Riccardo assumed leadership at Ferrari restaurant ‘Cavallino,’ a new venture by Massimo Bottura, showcasing his culinary prowess in a vibrant setting styled by India Mahdavi.


Restorante Manu | Brazil

Recognized as the Best Female Chef in Latin America for 2022 by the 50 Best Academy, Manoella Buffara Ramos, affectionately known as Manu, garners acclaim from both national and international arenas. Ranked number 21 in The Best Chef Awards worldwide and the chef-owner of the restaurant ranked number 49 in the Latin America list, Manu's culinary prowess and achievements stand as a testament to her dedication and talent.


Cap Aureo | Croatia

Maša Salopek is a self-proclaimed member of “the club of unconventional confectioners”, meticulously assembling layers that elicit surprise and intrigue. Her years as Head Pastry chef at Hiša Franko imparted a heightened sense of connection with her natural surroundings. Reflected in her culinary style, this translates to an inherent preference to “cook the land”, opting to source seasonal local ingredients.


Pepe In Grani | Italy

Famed Italian pizzaiolo Franco Pepe, celebrated globally for his exceptional talent, is the proud proprietor of Pepe In Grani restaurant in Caiazzo, Italy. Recognized as one of the world's finest pizzaiolos, Franco Pepe's culinary journey unfolds in an episode of Netflix's acclaimed docu-series Chef's Table: Pizza. As the torchbearer of a rich family legacy spanning three generations of bakers, Franco Pepe imbues his craft with a profound 'Legacy of Dough,' crafting a visionary approach to pizza.


Madonnina Del Pescatore | Italy

Touted as a master craftsman; Moreno’s passion for the sea is second to none, and the fruits of his labours are presented to guests at his Michelin-starred restaurant Madonnina Del Pescactore in Senigallia, Italy.


Kokomo | Egypt

Omar Fathy has built a reputation over the past two decades as the visionary chef patron responsible for some of the capital’s most enduring and well-loved eateries. At his latest endeavour - “Kokomo” - located at Marakez’s District 5, the status quo of local bistronomy is upended yet again with a concept that re-frames primal fire at the heart of a charming guest experience.


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