Monday March 4th, 2024
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This Isn’t Greece, This is a Cafe in Korba

This is Dampa, where good vibes meet great vibes.

Hassan Tarek

This Isn’t Greece, This is a Cafe in Korba

On 20 Boutros-Ghali street, Madinet Nasr residents seem to be flocking to Dampa, a hybrid establishment serving everything from smoothies and croissants to a-one vibes.

We spoke with Abdelmoniem Nader, one of three brothers who together orchestrated the magic. “Since our early childhood, our father made grand efforts to involve us in his work, teaching us a lot about diversification and the trade,” he tells SceneEats.

This was instrumental in their development, helping them shape their vision for the future.

Their idea started in the place where they spent much of their childhood— Heliopolis Sporting Club. Yearning for a nutritious meal after their water polo meets, they looked around but didn’t always find what they were looking for. Thus the idea for a store of their own was born.

They had their start with little booths scattered around Heliopolis Club. Their debut menu—simple as it was diverse—mostly offered lite drinks to the general passerby. As they grew in popularity, they knew their next step was to take their business to the city in the form of a full-fledged shop.

One thing that’s remained constant throughout the journey is that every recipe followed in the kitchen was the original creation of the owners, a fact in which they take immense pride.

But the Nader brothers had more than just “good food and drinks” on their agenda. The goal was to create a space as comfortable and welcoming as the goods they offer. “Serving premium products to our customers is our top priority, but creating the premium environment is why we do what we do,” Abdelmoniem tells Scene Eats. .

At Dampa, customers can come in for a quick coffee fix to go, but Dampa says “make yourself comfortable”. Their lounge is fully equipped with everything a group of friends could need, including card games, laid-back music, and delectable snacks.

There’s also a big DIY culture at Dampa. Craving something warm? Help yourself at the counter, where everything you need—mugs, teabags, and all things in between—is right at your disposal.

When asked about their best-seller, Abdelmoneim did not hesitate: “‘Depano’ is an easy favorite for many of our customers.” Depano, a mojito-like concoction, is made from an original Nader recipe. “We’re also known for our Spanish lattes and our mixed berry milkshakes; those are some of my personal favorites.”

From nine in the morning to one at night, the door is open at Dampa. Like Abdelmoneim says: “There’s something for everyone.


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