Thursday May 30th, 2024
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Where to Find Croissant Cookies in Cairo - A Scene Eats Guide

Forget almond croissants and chocolate croissants – 2024 is all about cookie croissants. Here’s where to get yours.

Catherine Johnson

Where to Find Croissant Cookies in Cairo - A Scene Eats Guide

It was the romance we never knew we needed.

Croissant is sophisticated, well-travelled, and layered. Cookie dough, your typical softboi. They said it could never last, they said it was just a trend – but these two found each other in the crazy bakery of life, and against all odds, they’ve brought us something that’s, well, pretty good, actually. Brangelina and Kimye might be over, but we have high hopes for the new celebrity couple of the food world: The Crookie.

A crookie (for those who don’t “get” Croissant and Cookie’s relationship) is what happens when you slice open a croissant and stuff it with sweet sweet chocolate chip cookie dough. When the tasty filling starts turning golden, you pop it out of the oven, top it with more dough, then put it back in and turn up the heat. The result? All the airy fluff of a perfect croissant with a soft, gooey centre and a yummy cookie coating. It’s so good, we’re wondering why Croissant didn’t dump Marzipan ages ago.

If you can’t afford a trip to France to find this decadent delight (that’s right, haters – the crookie trend started in a Parisian bakery, and you can back off), we’ve put together a list of some of the best spots in Cairo where you can get a taste of this scrumptious treat.

Weirdough | Delivers all over Cairo

First on the list is, maybe unsurprisingly, Weirdough. Crookie, we love you, but you’re a little odd, and Weirdough made a name for itself (literally) by rethinking the bakery game. This online bakery boasts cookies that are as chunky as they are tasty – and they are very, very chunky. Weirdough also carries other frankenfoods, like baklava tres leches cakes and their Cootayef – cookie dough-filled atayef.

Nude Bakery | Branches all over Cairo

We don’t think the crookie trend will be leaving Nude Bakery anytime soon – their first crookie drop sold out in two hours. This bakery is offering not one, but two different types of crookie: the Big Belgian Crookie, which features the finest of jumbo chocolate chips, and the Kinder Crookie, which is bursting with creamy Kinder chocolate. Nude Bakery uses ice cream scoops to portion out appropriately decadent levels of topping, and with four locations AND the ability to deliver anywhere in Cairo, they’ve made indulging in this sweet treat dangerously easy.

TBS | Branches all over Cairo

The Bakery Shop has long been one of the most convenient places to grab a quick sweet treat, and they aren’t flaking (Get it? Because croissants are flaky? Do you get it?) on us now! You’ll find crookie sitting next to TBS’s cream cheese, nutella, and almond croissants, basking in the knowledge that it is the most popular of all of them.

Bouchée | 22 Baghdad St, Korba, Heliopolis

Known for their artisanal pastries, we’re not surprised to see that bouchée has produced one of the prettiest versions of this heavenly lil treat we’ve seen yet. Bouchée’s crookie is neat and uniform, a perfect celebration of what both crookie and croissant bring to the table. What’s more, they’re bringing you two crookie treats: their double chocolate crookie and their pistachio crookie.

CULT | Branches all over Egypt

Cult is back with another favourite. Known for their commitment to sustainability, this bakery jumped on the crookie trend, partnering with Chip Me, the online cookie dough shop to create their crunchy, doughy, dreamy crookies. These crookies are sold at all CULT branches, which means they will be available not just in Cairo, but in El Gouna too!

Fornalia | 20 El Maraashly St., Zamalek & Fanadir Marina, El Gouna

Fornalia has pistachio croissants, cheese croissants, almond croissants – and now crookies! In fact, croissants are one of this bakery’s specialties, so it’s no surprise to see them hopping on this sweet trend. You can pick up your next sweet treat from their Zamalek location or order online.

Fati’s | Delivers all over Egypt

Fati’s is known for their incredible donuts and iconic hot-pink branding – but maybe soon they’ll be known for a certain Parisian-inspired, cookie-stuffed pastry? After tasting their crookies, we think it’s a yes. Their crookie features enormous chocolate chips for an extra-decadent finish.


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