Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
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Where to Find the Best Sojouk in Egypt - a Guide

Ever the middle child of the mashweyat family, the world of sojouk has been previously pushed to the side - but not anymore.

Layla Raik

Where to Find the Best Sojouk in Egypt - a Guide

It is an unspoken rule that every time anyone says, “let’s go get kebda,” they actually mean the pursuit of both kebda and sojouk. The two foods make the ultimate duo, and they’ve been inseparable since we’ve met them.

While the world continues to disregard the sausage aspect of things, we couldn’t bear to witness such blatant erasure. In our eyes, a good sojouk sandwich is indispensable to a good meal, and, honestly, sometimes more important than kebda.

So, where could you find your sojouk, with or without its kebda sidekick? We’ve compiled a guide, spanning Cairo and Alexandria, to help you start your hunt.

Ezz El-Menoufy | Branches all over Cairo

Wherever we go, there’s always a Menoufy mashweyat shop waiting around the corner for us to sniff it out and give it a try. Ezz is a classic, particularly when it comes to sojouk.

El Shalkamy | Cairo University St., Giza and 26th of July Corridor, Sheikh Zayed

Now that their Zayed branch is finally open, we’re running, not walking, to El Shalkamy for scrumptious sojouk, armed with nothing but our appetites and a bag of baladi bread.

Sobhy Kaber | Shoubra, Cairo

You knew this was coming - we can’t help it, Sobhy Kaber is just a must-visit on all of our mashweyat-adjacent endeavours.

Yokal | Branches all over Cairo

Listen, we know this is more on the Tagamoa-kid side of the sojouk spectrum, but we need not lose our street cred over it. Yokal makes sojouk as good as the shaabi spots - the fact that they have a branch in Tagamoa is merely coincidental.

Zizo Natana | El Gamaleya, Cairo

Although it’s one of the basic (touristy) spots for Egyptian dining, Zizo Natana is far from just that. The restaurant is primarily, and always will be, where sandwiches go to heaven, and sojouk sandwiches are no exceptions to that rule.

El Refaay | Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo

In a nearly unrecognisable nook in Sayeda Zeinab, El Refaay cooks up a storm in sandwiches and hawawshi, both of which come in delicious sojouk variations. Although, if you’re at El Refaay, we’d say opt for the sojouk hawawshi. Just because it’s their specialty.

Farag Abo Khaled | Bahary, Alexandria

The undisputed king of mashweyat and mashweyat in sandwich form, Farag Abo Khaled makes a mean sojouk sandwich, one we particularly enjoy in the final hours of the night when the post 12 AM ravenousness hits.

Lahm We Fahm | Zamalek, Cairo

When it comes to sandwiches, specifically those of the sojouk variation, Lahm We Fahm has the method down to an art, crafting fino loaves that are the perfect balance of protein, carb and sizzle.


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