Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Bringing Japanese Garden Serenity Inside This New Cairo Home

The designers created quite the entrance to the multi-storey family residence.

Karim Abdullatif

Bringing Japanese Garden Serenity Inside This New Cairo Home

First impressions matter and from the moment you walk into this multi-storey family home in Cairo Festival City, New Cairo, an Avante Garde Japanese garden makes the design’s identity clear.

Both Cairo-based design firm Ahmed Hussein Designs and finishing company Sole Fine Works are names often associated with ultra-modern and luxurious homes. They met here and created this serene pocket of sunshine.

Initially, the house had a double height open courtyard in its foyer. It was turned into a Japanese garden that the homeowners can use and experience a delightful blend of indoor and outdoor environments.

Topped by a skylight with grid lights and larger than life bubbles hanging from it, the garden is covered entirely with electric grey marble along its double height. This feature makes for an interesting view while you’re in the garden, and presents the upstairs living room with an aesthetic view as well.

Surrounded by glass from all sides, connecting it to the dining zone and the reception, the garden is covered with white pebbles on the floor and has a white tree on one corner and a seating arrangement on the other corner, supplemented by greenery and whimsical golden accessories in the shape of beetles and spiders.


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