Sunday April 14th, 2024
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Egyptian Brand Up-Fuse Launches Special Merch for Cairo Design Week

Up-Fuse is celebrating Cairo with architectural and cultural inspired merch, all while supporting local artisans.

Mai El Mokadem

Egyptian Brand Up-Fuse Launches Special Merch for Cairo Design Week

As Cairo Design Week takes over Heliopolis, Downtown Cairo and Cairo Citadel in celebration of regional and international design, including fashion, architecture and interior design, local apparel brand Up-Fuse has created exclusive merchandise for the event, inspired by the culture of the capital itself.

Born in 2013 out of a desire to address plastic waste and promote sustainable practices, Up-Fuse has evolved into a fully-fledged Cairo-based cult brand and social enterprise dedicated to the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants through their apparel and accessories.

“Looking at photos from iconic buildings in Downtown Cairo, we were inspired to try and ‘up-fuse’ them to create something special with our signature materials and bursts of color. A very pop brand like us, juxtaposed with a rich and cultural destination seemed like a challenge, but we thought hey, let’s purely experiment," Up-Fuse founder, Yara Yassin, told SceneHome. "Then, we found out that the classical architecture of Downtown Cairo- very Renaissance and French- mixed with our vibrant hues, created something that was cool and hip."

Over the past few months, the Up-Fuse team has delved through the iconic architecture of Downtown Cairo to capture the essence of the city and create ‘The Heart of the City’. The merchandise, including flasks, keychains and shirts, showcases the landmarks and motifs that define Downtown Cairo. The Downtown Cairo Merchandise is hand-crafted by local artisans, and every purchase goes to their support.

“We wanted tourists in Egypt to have a real link to the creative local community here, being able to buy actual authentic and local goods, made by native artisans," Yassin added.

The items embody the Up-Fuse philosophy: merging sustainability and social responsibility with innovative design. It's a slow-fashion approach that prioritizes both the planet and the people behind the product, utilizing discarded materials like plastic bottles and tires to create their pieces.


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