Saturday April 20th, 2024
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The Ark Unveils Two New Projects for Upscale Living in New Cairo

EDGE is a serviced residential area offering luxury living, while CLIFF is designed for cutting-edge businesses.

John Bichara

The Ark Unveils Two New Projects for Upscale Living in New Cairo

As the urban landscape of Egypt's New Cairo constantly evolves, so too do the spaces that are developed within it. Amidst the city's seemingly endless expansion, real estate developers The Ark has launched two new projects across a 90-acre expanse led by Architect Raef Fahmi, who has previously put pen to paper to design some of Egypt's most deluxe developments. The projects - named EDGE and CLIFF - were designed to represent the brink of what high-end life in Egypt has to offer, with the former offering serviced residences with luxurious living spaces and lavish amenities, while the latter provides upscale workspaces and sophisticated office environments.

“We are committed to providing distinctive life experiences, and we look forward to these projects contributing to enriching Egyptian society and improving the quality of life in New Cairo," Engineer Morad Helmy, CCO of The Ark, tells SceneHome. "At The Ark, we believe that innovation and excellence are the keys to realising our vision of transforming real estate into places that combine comfort, sustainability and urban development.”

Serviced by a world-class hotel, EDGE allows residents to live the good life surrounded by lavish amenities in homes that will be fully automated by Vimar Italy. From penthouses to studios, the units have been designed with an emphasis on joy and contentment, with easy access to green spaces and various state-of-the-art facilities, including gyms, health centres, meeting rooms and designated walking areas. To say nothing of the residential apartment buildings themselves, each of which have their own private parking areas, lounges and swimming pools. If you've ever felt like living in a luxurious hotel, this may be as close as you can get.

Meanwhile, CLIFF's office spaces are designed to help workers and businesses thrive across a variety of environments tailored to accommodate clients of all kinds, including bridge offices and loft offices with private entrances. Here, The Ark has prioritised sustainability and environmental friendliness across the design, with extensive use of solar energy throughout. State of the art security devices surrounding all areas, advanced fire fighting equipment and underground car parking spanning four floors with easy access for people with disabilities further emphasises a dedication to safety and peace of mind.

Through their partnership with specialists in the hospitality sector such as Kimpton Hotel and Corinthia Hotel, The Ark seeks to carry residents, workers and visitors to a new world - or as close to it as you can get with their hotel and service systems throughout the development.


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