Friday April 19th, 2024
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The Hottest Designs: North Coast Spaces That’ll Elevate Your Summer

The North Coast looks pristine on its own, we know. These are only some of the best destinations that complement it.

Karim Abdullatif

 The Hottest Designs: North Coast Spaces That’ll Elevate Your Summer

Designing a public space is pretty straightforward; it’s just a matter of zoning, planning and materials. Designing a public hotspot on Egypt’s North Coast, on the other hand, necessitates a certain magic. Here is a list of destinations by Egyptian design studios that have successfully cast a spell on us, whether it’s due to their conscious use of local materials and craftsmanship, or the nuanced details that elevate the summer atmosphere.

Lucida by TDF+ | Hacienda Red

As a product of a creative process focused on the many elements of nature, TDF+’s design feels nautical. It’s a great reference for a space that you can relate to while still feeling connected to the sea within. It’s evident yet unobstructive. You could stare into the sea and completely forget its ever present design hovering above you.

Referred to by the designers as the ‘Brightest Star in A Constellation’, it embodies various natural visuals, like fiery comets, rocky clouds and stars, all sheltered under a single cloud-like ceiling. In other words, these are cosmic aesthetics.

Rituals of Zoya by Laithy Architects | Zoya Ghazala Bay

While exclusivity is the mainstay of the North Coast lifestyle, public spaces still have their place as a communal force, as exemplified here. Rawness is the greatest focus of this design’s material palette. The grounded yet contemporary design attempts to frame views of the North Coast’s crystal shores.

Curtain separators, wooden logs and a multitude of levels means that curated seating corners on platforms feel like a 17th century Caribbean legend. Except it’s the Mediterranean, in 2023.

Seven Fortunes by Amazing Lab | The Alley - Marassi

Here’s an exceptional example of making the most out of space. Amazing Lab rendered this void in sand with coffee on one side and the world on the other. A massive opening links the brewing spot with the rest of the surrounding commercial spaces.

But it doesn’t feel commercial here, it feels like summer. Select items were distributed about the space, from delicate white flowers to creative finishes that ground this cubed beach.

The Lemon Tree by Salma El Sayed | Hacienda White

Close your eyes and imagine an exclusive, sensorial and attractive beach bar and restaurant at the North Coast. You’re probably close to what The Lemon Tree looks like. Raw wood, pure white and tasteful details, right? But then take what you’ve imagined, surround the bar with it and then place a white tree at the centre of it all. All of a sudden, the setting takes a magical Elvish tone to it.

That’s how images look like here. Magic.

Gigi’s by Spaces Architects | Ghazala Bay

From trees that add magic to those which were never removed; Spaces Architects approached this design consciously, bringing the bare minimum of materials with them and using the location to put forward their thoughts.

Think of sitting by the beach, instead it’s a venue. Framing the Mediterranean with its clean outline, the bar’s main entrance neighbours a cypress tree - an ancient holdover from a previous restaurant that occupied the site.

Monkey Bar by The Design Avenue | Almaza Bay

Red, red and redder. It doesn’t get as warm and alluring as this restaurant and bar, which had its reddish hue applied over two visits. Design Avenue’s managing partner, Karen Fadel, felt like creating a space that’s pampered up and bold.

Fervent aesthetics are synonymous with summer. Here, it’s expressed with a colour palette that’s pretty and defined: red and pink, with the occasional splash of orange.

Jeeda’s by Nancy Badawi Designs | Almaza Bay

Some F&B spaces can be judged by its central aesthetic, but here it’s a bit more functional. The island sitting at the centre of Jeeda’s has enough repetition covered in primary reds and blues that give it a nautical feel.

Sachi by MF Associates | Almaza Bay Spaces

created and directed by Mohamed Fares have a shared sense of ease and Sashi is no different. Terracotta, both in artform and colour, is set against raw decor used in layers of shadow and texture.

Forms are inspired by distant parts of the world yet are delivered in a relaxed manner that makes them look like they belong as a cultured manifestation of culinary experiences by the beach.


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